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3D Body Measurements

Fitvision technology is quite sophisticated but easy-to-use. It is based on visualization of the future weight-loss results at any given time period. First, the clients need to set their individual weight-loss goals. When their virtual replica is created, clients can play with their 3D body measurements to see what changes they would like to obtain in their real physical shape. These 3D body measurements are virtual projections of the physical parameters that are visualized owing to the revolutionary Fitvision technology.

With Fitvision, it is easy to achieve one's desired goals. The client can select any variant of 3D body measurements and see whether they are ideal for him. If not, 3D body measurements are easy to alter. The choice is more than realistic and individually motivated, which is appealing and motivating.

When playing with 3D body measurements, other parameters also help to make one's 3D replica accurate. Body type is taken into account when transformations are visualized. With an image added, 3D avatar looks more than real. This is what our clients like and this is what makes their fitness programs unique and 100% efficient.